Pied a terre extraordinaire: inside a $125k/month hotel rental on the Upper East Side

By Virginia K. Smith | December 15, 2015 - 2:59PM

For this week's rental pick, we're opting for something not just on the high end, but in the stratosphere: a $125,000/month rental at the Surrey, an ultra-luxe hotel building on the Upper East Side. Though the two-bedroom presidential suite is also available for shorter stays, it's currently being marketed as a luxe rental, presumably geared toward wealthy visitors who will be staying in the city for a few months.

The place is definitely set up for entertaining, with a windowed 10-person dining room and spacious living room, though given the relatively tiny size of the kitchen, it seems like they're assuming whoever rents this place will be ordering in, rather than whipping up dinner party fixings on their own. (One easy option? Cafe Boulud is located right downstairs on the ground floor of the building.)

The bedrooms themselves are a little sterile and hotel-like for our tastes, but we can definitely get behind the swanky bathroom, which has two separate entrances, two private toilets, and even a private sauna:

The other big draw here is the outdoor space, in the form of a huge shared roof deck, as well as a smaller deck attached to the apartment itself:

Not a bad place to enjoy the creepily warm December weather. So what do you think—if you were, as they say, with ample means, would you spring for this place as a short-term rental?


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