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Battle of the building amenities: Concierge or shared outdoor space?

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Outdoor space is precious in the city, but so is service and convenience.  So, which pull is stronger? We asked five New Yorkers: Would you rather have the convenience and luxury of a doorman or concierge or the convenience and luxury of a common building roof deck?

  • Semi-private trumps total convenience I’d want a common roof deck, then at least I’d have some kind of outdoor space for my own (almost) private use. I don’t really need a doorman or concierge. —Kelley, Bushwick (pictured at left)
  • Pros and cons With my work hours, I wouldn’t really get any benefit from a roof deck. But having a doorman and concierge would be a huge help. They could sign for packages and also accept my laundry and dry cleaning. That would make life so much easier. I just don’t like the idea of having to give out huge tips [come Christmas]. —Marcel, Midtown West
  • The building that roofs together, stays together I’d want a common roof deck because any outdoor space is precious and would feel like an extension of my own living space. Even if it’s just to sit and get some sun. But also I think it would be a nice thing for neighbors to have so they can meet and get to know each other. That’s the point of a common area like that.  It would be lovely to meet neighbors, especially if they have kids, too! —Alexei, Long Island City (pictured, at left)
  • Far from the madding crowd I’d love a roof deck with a view! But even if it didn’t have a killer view, it’s just nice to be able to get outdoors quickly and without any fuss. By fuss, I mean, preparing to go out into the world—wearing the right shoes, umbrella, do I have my MetroCard, my phone? And then having to walk to somewhere that doesn’t feel hectic, full of people I don’t know. Any private outdoor space would be nice… even if it’s a common roof deck. I don’t count my neighbors to the anonymous hoards of Manhattan. —Terry, Harlem
  • Our building could have such a great roof! Sadly, the building has been under scaffolding for years and I don’t really know when all the work will be done. There are rumors that a roof deck will be added when that time happens. But we’re on a hill, and have incredible views from the roof. I know because I sneak up there all the time with friends and a glass of wine. Well, I used to. They’ve put an alarm on the doors now. —Lana, Harlem

Verdict: Who ever said city folk can’t appreciate the Great Outdoors?


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