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One way to hang onto summer: buy a lighthouse (or rent one for the weekend)

By BrickUnderground | September 8, 2015 - 2:30PM

There's no arguing it: Summer is over. But not for the new owner of Connecticut's  127-year-old Saybrook Breakwater Light, who won the structure—a fine example of the quintessential beachside icon—in an auction for $290,000, per the Hartford Courant. The last time it was on sale, also via an auction hosted by the General Services Administration, it managed to wrangle a high bid of $340,000; that deal later fell apart, however. 

The New York Post says this recent taker is Frank Sciame, CEO of Sciame Construction, who's also the new owner of actress Katherine Hepburn's former estate. The real estate mogul says his family will be using the lighthouse as a guesthouse for their grandchildren (lucky!). The rest of us, on the other hand, have to say learn to let go of oceanside fun for the next eight months.

The lucky relatives won't be the first to experience an endless summer. A few others have taken on the challenge of remaking lighthouses for real-life living, according to the Boston Globe, including two that allows visitors (yes, you!) to book a stay. The Borden Flats Lighthouse in Fall Brook, Massachusetts is open for overnight guests, remade by an owner who bought it for the envy-inducing price tag of $56,000. (Then again, there's a lot of upkeep.) Here's a pic of the living room with its telltale curved walls. 

Borden Flats

The Goose Rocks Lighthouse is open for business, too. See the bedroom below—those walls again! 

Goose Rocks


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