Take It Or Leave It

A $2,500 three-bedroom in a much-talked-about Queens neighborhood. Is it too good to be true?

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A true three-bedroom can be hard to find but this $2,500 apartment in Ridgewood seems to be the real deal. It's also got two bathrooms and a separate kitchen with stainless appliances (and judging from the photo above with the ladder, it's been recently renovated).

The apartment has a skylight (which means it's on the top floor—a one-flight climb). Note: Pets are not allowed.

The price is also on par with this Queens neighborhood (which is on the border of Bushwick and has been called "the next Williamsburg" for those priced out of the Brooklyn neighborhood for a while now); the median price for a three-bedroom is $2,600.

So is now the time to try out this much-buzzed-about neighborhood? I asked our experts (and veteran renters), RentHackr founder Zeb Dropkin and freelance writer Lambeth Hochwald, to weigh in with me on this week's Take It or Leave It.​

Size: Three-bedroom, two-bath
Location:  62-82 60th Place, Apartment 2 (between Metropolitan and Butler)
Cost: $2,500/month
Flexible layout: Yes
Days on the market: 99
Subway:  M to Forest Avenue

Pros and cons:

"If this is a true three-bedroom as the listing states (we suggest checking it out, of course), then the price is pretty great. Plus it has one of those suburban-style fridges I'm a total sucker for. But the cons are pretty big: The apartment seems dark and it's a half a mile from the M train. Also Ridgewood isn't Williamsburg  — in terms of amenities, look or 'cool factor' — yet. And I can't help but wonder why, in this crazy rental market, it's been on the market for over three months." —Lucy

"This is a decent looking three-bed, two-bath in an up-and-coming neighborhood. Unfortunately, it's pretty far from a subway and doesn't allow pets." —Zeb

"If you’re intrigued by Ridgewood, this three-bed, two-bath (yes, two full baths) on the top floor of a two-story built in 1901, might be a great place to start. This blonde-brick building, one of a set of three, looks tidy though it’s not located on the most beautiful of blocks." —Lambeth​

Who would this apartment be perfect for?

"Three roommates (again, make sure all three bedrooms are usable) who work near the M train and don't mind a significant walk to the subway." —Lucy

"Young and hip, and/or hard working roommates on a strict budget could make this place work well. If Bushwick is the new Williamsburg, then Ridgewood is the new Bushwick." —Zeb

"Three new grads priced out of Williamsburg who don’t mind the half-mile hike to the M. It’s $833 each, people!" —Lambeth

The verdict(s):

LEAVE IT "Unless you can handle the M train—and a long trip just to get to it. I just don't think it's special enough, despite the good price. And the fact that it's been on the market for so long makes me a little skeptical." —Lucy

TAKE IT "Check the neighborhood first, and understand how far removed you will be, then grab a very affordable deal in a neighborhood that's improving fast." —Zeb

TAKE IT "Stay for a year and then find something a big closer to the subway." —Lambeth