Same layout, different vibe: Video series shows you how your neighbors live (and decorate)

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Admit it: New Yorkers are nosy. Living separated only by walls (and sometimes painfully thin ones at that) doesn't help. But there's one good reason why it's not so bad to wonder how your neighbors live: We can all learn from each other. That's why we're loving Apartment Therapy's video series, "The A Line." The series takes two residents living along the same building line and shows each person's singular approach to making a home in essentially the same square footage.

In this episode, Apartment Therapy profiles Jennifer and Julie, who both live in a building on the Upper East Side. Watch how they each personalize 300 square feet and make over their space into their own — including, in one person's case, tearing down a wall and covering walls with color. Looking forward to more episodes, AT!


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