Your Celebrity Neighbor

To live like Paul McCartney, all you need is love — and a Fifth Avenue penthouse

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WHO: Sir Paul McCartney recently helped a fan at his concert propose to his girlfriend on stage. We’d be grateful if he could help us propose the idea to our landlord that subletting our fire escape this summer as an “outdoor bedroom” is a great idea. He calls it  illegal, we call it entrepreneurial. Potato, po-tah-to.

WHERE: McCartney and wife Nancy Shevell (a former MTA board member) will be soon be bunking down in luxury at their new $15.5 million Fifth Avenue penthouse duplex on the Upper East Side, where the median sales price $2.495 million and the median rental price is $3,195, and where the Second Avenue subway still persists in its efforts at becoming a reality.

WHAT'S AVAILABLE: Want to live like a Beatle and snag your own, sprawling Fifth Avenue apartment? This five-bedroom, four-bathroom at 1212 Fifth Avenue is available for just under $6 million. How about a place that's even bigger than McCartney's? This six-bedroom, six-bath at 1060 Fifth Avenue, is asking $23.5 million. And it's just down the street from the rock icon's place.


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