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This East Village "studio" will cost you $14,000 a year to live in — without a private bathroom

By Lucy Cohen Blatter  | May 21, 2015 - 10:45AM

If you're just moving to New York, you're probably shocked at just how bonkers our real estate market is. ("They want me to live in that? For how much?") But even  those of us who've been living in the city for decades are sometimes taken aback by what's out there. 

Case in point: This $1,150 East Village studio that's more like a dorm room and has no bathroom. You read that right: If you need to relieve yourself, you'll have to get decent and don shoes and do it outside (in an enclosed space, we hope).

It's hard to capture too many different angles in this single-room occupancy apartment.

And you want to cook, you say? There's a fridge and maybe a microwave (the photo's a little unclear). You'll have to make do.

You need to make $46,000 a year to live here (the usual 40 times the monthly rent that landlords require); otherwise, you'll have to get a U.S.-based guarantor who makes 80 times the monthly rent. And since it doesn't say that there's no broker fee, we'll assume that there is — probably around  $2,000 (or 15 percent the yearly rent).

Extra storage space above the door: Score! Downside: The ladder would not be good after a few drinks. 

So, what do you think? Time to stock up on space-saving furniture, make like college and buy a shower caddy? Or maybe venture into a less desirable neighborhood (St. Marks between Second and Third is about as hopping as it gets). Then again, maybe it's time to seriously consider roommates again. Your call.


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