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Savannah Guthrie starts her mornings early in Tribeca

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WHO:  Today show co-anchor Savannah Guthrie says she only spends three hours a day in her office working.  How does she do it? We spend eight  hours a day in our office looking busy, yet definitely not working, and we still need to nap under our desks after lunch.

WHERE: Guthrie lives with her husband, political husband consultant Michael Feldman,  and baby daughter, Vale, in Tribeca,  where the median sales price is just under $6 million and the median rental price is $7,500.

WHAT'S AVAILABLE: Looking for a TriBeCa place with room for baby too? As of this writing, there are 35 two-bedroom condos on the market, with a median price of $3.5 million and six co-ops, with a median price of $3.3 million. There are also 65 rentals on the market, with a median price of $8,950.


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