So, anybody want to rent Tyra Banks' $50K/month apartment?

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Or, does someone want to go halfsies on this? Maybe even split it like 10 ways? Either way, there'll be room for everyone, seeing as Tyra's apartment is a 7,000 square-foot five-bedroom , eight-bathroom duplex she created by combining four different units in Battery Park City's luxe Riverhouse building.

So why would you create the mega-apartment of your dreams, only to rent it out to someone else? The listing's broker told the Daily News that Banks is "extensively traveling internationally" for various business ventures including TYRA Beauty and America's Next Top Model, adding, "This is a unique opportunity to live in an abode created and curated by one of the world's great supermodel icons and media moguls." It better be, for $50,000 a month. (Though even with that eyebrow-raising price tag, we give props to Banks for making sure her apartment doesn't sit empty most of the year.)

Let's take a look at the interiors, shall we?

We're not quite sold on that green ceiling (or those light fixtures) in the kitchen, but hard to argue with that view. Or the library, or the fact that this place has two guest suites, a gym, a hair salon, and a mirrored dressing room, among many other amenities. (NB: building features include a pool, billiards room, a friendly pet policy, and Leonardo DiCaprio as a neighbor). The listing notes that "the residence has an option of being offered fully staffed with a house manager, cook, housekeeping and personal attendant," though it's unclear if that'll cost you extra. In any case, keep in mind that if you fall behind on the rent here, things could get ugly.


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