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An "only in New York" one-bedroom that'll require some out-of-the-box thinking

By Lucy Cohen Blatter | March 3, 2015 - 1:59PM

The listing calls this $1,680-a-month Greenwich Village one-bedroom "cozy," but that's an understatement. We simply can't believe that anyone is willing to live in such a tiny place ... for so much money. (At least utilities are included.) 

The Village is arguably the most desirable neighborhood in Manhattan (and the fact that the median rent of a one-bedroom in the area is $4,000 proves that), but head to Flatbush, for example, and you can get a two-bedroom for less. But let's focus on the apartment at hand—and maybe even find some ways to make it work:

Here's the "kitchen"—a microwave, stove-top and mini-fridge that are giving us serious college flashbacks. 

Oh, and here's the bathroom. Hope you don't like to take baths, since it's shower only. Plus, that pedestal sink doesn't help if you've got more than, say, one or two bathroom products. May we suggest you invest in a portable beauty workspace?

This appears to be your living room. At least there's a window (which seems to be the only one in the apartment). We doubt a couch is going to fit, but maybe some bean bag chairs? The walls are also too close to each other to put a flatscreen TV, but you might want to bring that upstairs anyway.

Walk up these steps and your loft bedroom and extra room awaits (though we're not quite sure your furniture will fit up those stairs). On the plus side, we appreciate the recessed lighting here. You don't need to waste another inch of floor space with a standing lamp. 

Don't mind the pipe right over your head. The railing also seems a little dangerous, doesn't it?

You have your choice of two windowless "bedrooms" in which to put your bed. Or maybe you're better off keeping  your stuff up here and sleeping in the "living room" downstairs. On the plus side, there's extra space here to make into a living room or even a home office. What? We're trying to look on the bright side.

Interestingly, the townhouse—at 78 Washington Place—appears to have quite a few teeny tiny apartments with half kitchens. So at least your neighbors might be able to offer some decorating ideas.


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