Why you shouldn't overcharge a roomie for rent (no matter how tempting), beware orgy-seeking Airbnb users, and more

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Gouging a roommate on rent--it’s not really that bad, right? (Gothamist)

Before you hand over your keys, know that orgy enthusiasts use Airbnb too (Gothamist)

Renovating a Queens co-op into a dream home with $800 of IKEA bookcases (Brownstoner)

And how a gut reno can rip apart a marriage--especially for NYC’s ritziest homeowners (NYO)

7 ways to make the best of your real estate when you retire (Luxury Listings NYC)

Plus, elderly tenants could get a stronger weapon against landlord harassment (Crain’s)

Home office? Try a simpler tax deduction method based on square footage (NYT)

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