New developments dangle personal shoppers & rooftop beaches, the pros and cons of pocket listings, and more

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Holiday Tipping Poll
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Gyms are so passé. Personal Bergdorf shopper, anyone? Luxury condos offer over-the-top amenities ....(NYT)

...while on the rental side, a new Willliamsburg building sports a mini-beach and recording studio...(DNAinfo)

...And some question whether these amenities are all they're cracked up to be (NYO)

Sellers: "Pocket" listings can keep your place from getting stale--at a price  (DNAinfo)

With this weather, we're all dreaming of summer by the shore. But if you're seriously considering it, you may want to get moving (NYT)

Want to boot a nasty co-op neighbor?  Here are your options (Habitat; previously)

Among the things that have changed post-Sandy: Property managers are a whole lot more prepared for future disasters (NYT)

Who needs upstate New York when you can rent a cabin right here in Williamsburg for $3,500 a month? (Curbed)

Graffiti -- eyesore or potential boost for your property values?  (Fast Company)