10 signs it's holiday tipping time

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It's holiday tipping time, and don't think your building staff hasn't noticed. All staff members tend to get just a little bit friendlier/more helpful as tipping season approaches.

Here are 10 signs your building's staff's gearing up for the holidays... and a nice fat tip.

  1. Larger packages are delivered right to your door. 
  2. Doorman has stopped flirting with your nanny. 
  3. Doorman is now flirting with you. 
  4. The pot-smoking porter is holding off on reefer madness for a while, or offering to share. 
  5. The super offers to watch your kids while you run to the bodega. 
  6. When you pick up your car, the garage attendant is dust-busting it from bumper to bumper.
  7. Head doorman is walking three pitbulls for a resident on his break. 
  8. Doorman tells your husband all that time in the gym is really paying off. 
  9. The super has started to make pre-emptive check-ins to see if everything's okay before there are any problems/leaks/disasters.
  10. The super not only turns a blind eye to your illegal washer dryer delivery, but offers to install it too.

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