Need something moved--or smashed to bits and hauled away? Perhaps these folks can help

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That happy hum you hear when you move closer to your computer may, in fact, be coming from The Real.Est.List, BrickUnderground's homegrown resource directory, where more than 400 local businesses and professionals are standing by to help you buy, sell, rent, fix, clean, organize, paint, staff, renovate, furnish, finance, soundproof, or do any number of other things in or to your NYC abode.

Today, The List extends a special welcome to two of our newest featured members:

Excellent Quality Movers (718-855-4767, We could let the name of this Brooklyn-based mover speak for itself.  But then we couldn't talk about Excellent Quality Movers flat-rate, don't-break-a-fingernail pricing ($950 for a studio, $1,450 for a one-bedroom, $1,950 for a two-bedroom); it covers packing and unpacking, as well as boxes, packing supplies and equipment.

Prefer to pay hourly? That can be arranged. And be sure to ask about EQ's discount packages available between the 3rd and 24th of each month.  

Liberty Demolition and Clean Out Services (718-581-3533, If you're more interested in getting rid of stuff than moving it around, Liberty Demolition and Clean Out Services, also based in Brooklyn, may be just the folks to lend a hand--or perhaps a sledgehammer.

They can demolish your old kitchen so you can put in a new one, make your treadmill disappear, clean out and remove that mess Sandy left in your basement, or declutter the estate-condition apartment you just inherited from Aunt Matilda, who couldn't stand to throw anything away.

For more help at home, check out The Real.Est. List, the ultimate real estate guide and resource directory for all those who buy, rent, sell or dwell in NYC.

Want to join up and read about your business in this column? Click here to get started or email us and we'll do it for you.


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