Only-in-NY-real-estate stories: Supers called "Rambo," indoor rainstorms, washer-dryer smugglers & more

By Lucy Cohen Blatter  | June 6, 2012 - 8:27AM

In the city of a million real estate stories, we're always on the lookout for the ones that not only make us go w-h-a-a-?-?, but also have some resonance for the rest of us who may one day experience the same thing (we try to be service-y here at Brick).

This week's SurvivalList brings you some of the most shocking (and funny) Inside Stories we've ever run.

Of course, building staff members make plenty of cameos, such as the "Penthouse" magazine-loving super who insists tenants refer to him as "Rambo."

We've also explored the pros and cons of a landlord that's like family (pro: security, con: having to sneak out friends post-coital) and some insane housekeeper dramas.

There's also no shortage of other real estate-related travails, like new construction nightmares leading to shattered windows and indoor rain storms and brand new buildings with construction so faulty that the apartment owners basically had to rebuild the entire thing.

Sometimes the stories are seriously sinister--like a Craiglist scam that cost a (not-too-) trusting New Yorker thousands of dollars, some serious slimey (and illegal) super activity and incredibly corrupt condos. 

Want a glimpse into the other side? Check out confessions of an on-site leasing agent, and go inside the mind of a broker who hasn't closed in 100 days (spoiler alert: It's not pretty).

Take a look at these and other jaw-droppers below.

Life in the building


Shopping for real estate


New construction nightmares

Questionable real estate decisions


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