Heads up, short-term renters

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Attention all you actors, business consultants, student interns, renovators and bad boyfriends in need of a rental for fewer than 30 days: While there will no doubt continue to be a thriving gray-market of temporary domiciles, notes the New York Timesyour legitimate options will shrink drastically next month when a state law banning rentals under 30 days in most buildings goes into effect.

If you're seeking an apartment for longer than a month but less than the usual 1-2 years, make sure to ask for a short-term lease versus a "guest agreement" and  to check with the building's managing agent to make sure short-term stays are allowed...otherwise you could find yourself evicted.

Also, as most short-stay apartments are furnished, be prepared to pay 20-40% more than an unfurnished longterm place.


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