Win a year's free rent unless you live in NYC

Share this Article wants us to know that according to an unnamed survey, 87%  of Americans no longer believe owning a home is the American Dream. It's also offering to pay your rent for a year if you win their "New American Dream" contest, such as your desire to be "traveling the world, sending your kids to college, starting a business or becoming a rock star" rather than remain a slave to your mortgage payment.  Sound good?  New Yorkers need to pay attention to this caveat: That year's worth of rent is capped at $10,000 total.   According to, the median cost of renting a one bedroom in New York City is $2,600 a month ($31,200 a year), and the median studio will set you back $2,100 a month ($25,200 a year)--though we did find this Crown Heights studio listed for $820 a month ($10,200 a year).  Given the realities of our New York winter, we might be happier winning the second prize: $3,000 worth of diamonds and a 7-day St. Thomas vacation.   (