Do you live in a red building, or a blue one? Here's how to tell

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All eyes are on the swing states now, and although we all know which way New York will go, you may be wondering which way your building would go if it were counted in the electoral college.

Below, some dead giveaways you live in a largely Democratic or Republican building.

Blue building: Your neighbors think The Daily Show is news.
Red building:  Your neighbors think Fox News is news.

Blue building: The alteration agreement says that you cannot renovate on Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday
Red building: The alteration agreement says you cannot renovate on Karl Rove's birthday. 

Blue building: Everyone is on a first-name basis with the super.
Red building: There are so many staff in the building and in the individual apartments, sometimes you feel like an extra on Downton Abbey.

Blue building:  In summertime, there is often a lemonade stand outside.
Red building: Summer in the city? Don't think so. 

Blue building: There are a fair number of celebrities in the building.
Red building:  The co-op board makes a point of not approving (those left-leaning) celebrities.

Blue building: The board wants to convert the old laundry room in to a bike room.
Red building: The board wants to convert the old laundry room into a gun locker. 

Blue builiding: Your neighbors occupy Wall Street.
Red building:  Your neighbors work on Wall Street.

Blue building: Residents in your building started a grassroots organization (with a Facebook page) when rezoning threatened to boot it from a coveted school.
Red building:  Residents in your building started a grassroots organization that advocates health care vouchers for plastic surgery performed out of the country.

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