• We've got "loads" of laundry help for you

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    Believe it or not, laundry is a pretty hot topic for NYC-dwellers, where an in-home washer/dryer is the golden ticket of apartment living. Meanwhile, those of us not fortunate enough to have one must navigate the communal laundry room and the frenemenies who lurk there.

    So this week's SurvivalList is all about laundry -- from tips on getting approved for a washer-dryer to the consequences of installing an illicit in-unit washer-dryer to advice on dryer safety (inspired by none other than Robert DeNiro). We even have a true confession from one washer-dryer smuggler.

    In-unit W/D a no-no and you're not up to bucking the powers that be? You may want to check out our review of a hand-powered "washing machine."

    And if the hand-powered W/D just isn't enough (and it almost certainly is not), we'll help you navigate that communal laundry room -- advising on proper laundry room etiquette, the likelihood of catching pests from a communal laundry room and we even introduce you to a laundry room happy hour -- a magical time when the laundry machines are available and neighbor chit-chat isn't required.

  • Your Celebrity Neighbor

    Your Celebrity Neighbor: Lena Dunham


    WHO: Lena Dunham, creator of HBO’s Girls, is the reason you’re relieved you aren’t in your twenties any more juggling life in New York. It’s a jungle out there.   


    WHERE:  The writer, director and star of Girls lives in Brooklyn Heights, where the median sales price is $899K and the median rental price is $3,782, according to StreetEasy.


    Your Celebrity Neighbor is a weekly heads-up on the A-listers who call your neighborhood home and (in theory) shop the same Duane Reade as you.

  • StreetEasy Hot Dozen

    The StreetEasy Hot Dozen: 12 rentals that may or may not be available by the time you read this

    Among the perks of this $8.900/month three-bedroom condo rental at 325 Fifth Avenue and 33rd Street: 10-foot floor-to-ceiling windows and a terrace.

    Real estate-loving New Yorkers can't help but sneak a peek at wildly expensive apartments that are out of most people's price range. And luxury three-bedroom apartments top this week's Hot Dozen--the 12 rental apartments Streeteasy.com visitors clicked on most often over the past seven days.

    The first place looked at most often & with presumably lustful eyes is a three-bedroom condo for rent at 325 Fifth Avenue and 33rd Street listed at $8,900/month. In addition to the live-in super, doorman, expansive fitness center, pool, 10-foot floor-to-ceiling windows, the apartment also has an outdoor terrace, in case the 1,500 square feet of interior space isn't enough. The kitchen, however, is on the underwhelming side for an apartment at this price.

    Down in Kips Bay hard by the FDR drive at 40 Waterside Plaza and FDR Drive, a 3-bedroom is listed at $4,800/month with no fee. Since the apartment is a bit of a trek from the nearest subway station, there's also an on-site preschool, playgrounds, free wi-fi, and an on-site restaurant and shopping. 

  • NYC Renovation Q's

    NYC Renovation Questions: 6 great ideas you'll regret having

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    Think twice before ripping out your apartment's only tub to create a walk-in shower.

    Q. I'm looking to renovate and don't know where to start. Are there any seemingly great ideas that have gone awry I should be wary of?

    A. Even the most premeditated renovation can spawn some regrets in the aftermath. And when you're paying NYC prices, that's definitely something you want to avoid if you can.

    Start by asking each of the professionals involved in your project to point out aspects that may bear rethinking.

    "I find that architects make things pretty from the outside, and designers make them livable on the inside. The combination is ideal," says Manhattan interior designer John Lyle.

    Your contractor can also be an invaluable sounding board.  

    "If we are able to explain why a client's idea may not be the best, 99 out of 100 times they will appreciate us for it. If you have a contractor that is always a  'yes' person, then sometimes it's a red flag to stay away," says Alex Usharyov, a New York City general contractor and co-founder of ClickandImprove.com, a home improvement website offering hassle-free fixes for home repairs and typical renovation conundrums.

  • Ask an Expert

    Ask an Expert: Is it normal for co-ops to demand proof of insurance for big deliveries?

    Q. My co-op is now demanding that in addition to notification and approval of deliveries of large items such as couches, beds, etc., we must have the retailer and delivery service file proof of insurance documentation with our managing agent prior to delivery.

    The time needed to process the documentation with the managing agent would be ridiculous for many deliveries like a simple piece of furniture.

    The response we have received is that this is standard protocol for NYC co-ops.

    Is this true? Do all co-ops in NYC require their shareholders to request proof of insurance from retail stores and their delivery services?

    A. While not necessarily standard, requiring proof of insurance for large deliveries is not uncommon, say our experts.

    "All co-ops do not require a certificate, but they should consider it," says property manager Michael Wolfe, president of Midboro Management.

    "It is a good practice to have such a requirement," agrees co-op and condo attorney Robert Braverman of Braverman & Associates. "It protects both the co-op corporation and the shareholder receiving the delivery from liability that may arise from damage to property and/or personal injury resulting from the delivery."

  • Confessions of a Neighborhood Blogger

    Confessions of a Neighborhood Blogger: First stop, Greenpoint

    Flickr photos by owenfinn16

    There are so many neighborhoods and micro-neighborhoods in New York City that it's virtually impossible to know everything you want to know about every one.

    But ask the locals and you’ll get the true inside scoop, which is exactly what we're doing for our new bi-weekly series "Confessions of a Neighborhood Blogger."

    This week we caught up with the Krrb Team, headquartered in Greenpoint, for the latest on this Brooklyn neighborhood. 

  • Featured Partner

    10 things you didn't know were covered by renter's insurance

    If you think renter's insurance basically just protects you against fires and burglaries, think again.

    There are any number of unexpected--and financially painful--scenarios in which you will find yourself very, very glad you have renters insurance.

    Here are just a few, courtesy of the folks at NYC apartment insurance brokerage Gotham Brokerage Co., Inc.:

    1. Your clothes go up in smoke at the dry cleaners. 

    2. You run into someone with your bike (by accident!) and get sued.

    3. United Airlines loses your luggage – for good this time. 

    4. Howard, your miniature Schnauzersnaps after an admittedly trying summer: When the 168th Canadian tourist squeals and tries to take his picture, Howie autographs the tourist with his teeth.

    5. A friend stops by, trips over your latest Costco haul, and breaks a newly capped tooth.

    6. A thief plunders the basement storage area and rides off on your new mountain bike.

    7. While filling the bathtub, you get distracted reading Fifty Shades of The New Yorker, and the tub overflows into the apartment below.

  • The fine art of writing your own co-op board reference letter, sticky-fingered subletters, and more

  • Transitions

    Riverdale to Murray Hill: "Murray Hill hurts my brand...but you can't beat the convenience"

    I lived in North Riverdale (at my parents’ house) from August of last year until July of this year. The good thing about living in that neighborhood was that it’s really quiet. 

    I work in the Flatiron District where it’s always loud, busy and dirty, and getting back to Riverdale at night felt calm and peaceful. It’s a peacefulness you don’t get in the city.

    Of course there was no nightlife to speak of. And in the city, if you come home from work at 9 and you want something to eat, you have so many options. In Riverdale things close early.

    When I came home late at night on the weekends, I usually relied on Metro-North (which was about a 5-minute cab ride from my house). It’s a real experience on the weekends. You have high school and college students and young professionals drunk and eating street meat sandwiches on the train. It can be kind of funny but it’s also annoying.

    If I wanted to go out in the city it required A LOT of planning -- knowing the train times, hauling around a bag. In July, I moved to 36th and Lexington.  Now going out is so easy -- I can just make plans at the last minute. 

  • StreetEasy's Most Wanted

    StreetEasy’s Most Wanted: Back-to-school edition

    This $950k two-bedroom condo on the Lower East Side is a corner unit with oversized windows that let in plenty of light. And if you’re on a health kick, you can hit the building’s fitness center. 

    If an apartment with room to stash a kid on the East Side of Manhattan (upper or lower) tickles your fancy, take notes on this edition of StreetEasy’s Most Wanted -- the 10 sales listings StreetEasy users saved more often than any others this week.

    On the Lower East Side, on Bowery between Rivington and Delancey Streets, is a corner unit $950k two-bedroom condo with oversized windows. It’s located in Nolita Place, a full service building with a live-in super, 24-hour doorman, fitness center and shared landscaped roof deck.

    Up on East 80th, you’ll find a two-bedroom co-op on the market for almost the same amount -- $949k. Located in the Kenilworth, between Lexington and Third Avenues, this new-to-market apartment features a balcony with open views and renovated bathrooms and kitchen. There’s also a common planted roof deck. Another perk if you have kids (or plan to): The pad is in the very highly regarded P.S. 6 school district. As there were no interior photos up when we last checked, it's possible that this well-priced apartment needs some serious elbow grease.